Toru Urakawa will give a presentation at "DemoDay.Tokyo into CODE" on 8/21/2016.


Toru Urakawa will give a presentation at “DemoDay.Tokyo into CODE” on 8/21/2016.

Title : Mathematics for Everyday
He will introduce his recent work, which through mathematical methods, enabled interaction for calculators in an everyday environment. He plans to demonstrate patterns for clothing created with visual decoding cryptographic and spatial frequency characteristic, as explain how these work.


Make, Demo, Touch.
In recent years, the “Demo Day” culture has been on the rise, especially in the U.S.
At Demo Day events, people gather to demonstrate their work.
Accelerators hold Demo Day events with startup companies, museums gather artists, and individuals plan their own on building rooftops.
In such ways, Demo Day has been attracting public attention as the place and means for countless creative teams to express themselves.

In Tokyo, Japan, we are organizing a Demo Day from the perspective of creators.

From advertising to art, music, film, and games, creators from any field are welcome.
Only one thing matters: that the work is born from the creators’ own hands.

A platform for discovering talents and raising public awareness of their work.
DemoDay.Tokyo into CODE happens on August 21, 2016.
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Event Information
Date & Time August 21, 2016 (SUN) 14:00~19:30
Hillside Terrace H Bldg. 1F
18-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0033
Admission ¥3,500
Capacity 30 persons
Language Japanese
Available :