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ZEN TUNES. Facing Music.

ZEN TUNES is an iPhone app that analyses the brainwaves emitted when listening to music and produces a music chart based on the listeners “relax” and “focus” state.

The result is much more than a music chart. The playlist is unique to the listener as it organizes information as to how each song is received by the user, and can well be interpreted as his or her personality. The playlist can also be shared via social media.

The “NEURO TURNTABLE” was a device that enabled simple interaction between music and the listeners brainwaves. In comparison, “ZEN TUNES” is a more practical application.

We developed ZEN TUNES to provide “awareness” by tagging the listeners’ brainwaves to the music they listen too.
If various vital signs can be connected to the music that people listen to, we can imagine a multitude of opportunities like music recommendation based on the status of the their vital signs, or matching individuals based on the combination and their trend of “music” and “brainwaves”.
Text by neurowear


Concept+Creative Direction
Application Development
Nao Tokui(Qosmo)