AI-DJ event "2045"

第2回2045 at 青山idol Photo by Mao Yamamoto



In the coming year 2045, it is said that the “singularity” is coming, which means computer will be beyond human.
Human behavior has already been visualized as enormous data. Automation by computers deprives human’s work, and artificial intelligence is eroding the human “thinking” area.

How about “music”? A half century has passed since the computer sang “Daisy Bell” in 1962. It is not uncommon for us that the song sung by computers to hit chart.
A huge amount of music born so far has become just a data. How will the expression of music change in the future?
If you can extract popular songs from people’s iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud playlist data from around the world, DJs and selectors may be unnecessary.

Will artificial intelligence erode the human “expression” area as well?

“2045” is try to think the future of music and technology, through some experiments.

Artificial intelligence that learned music impress human… could it be possible? How will the expression such as DJ and VJ change when it becomes freely accessible to all kinds of music through the network?

Organization is Daito Manabe, an artist / programmer, Naoko Tokui by programmer / DJ.
Performing experimental things such as DJ, live and VJ.

2045×LIFE PAINT Supported by VOLVO CAR JAPAN 2016/10/27 at Daikanyama UNIT

2045 Generation #4 at Kyoto Okazaki Loops



■ 2045 Generation #1
2015/2/13 @KATA
Guest : Metome

■ 2045 Generation #2
2015/4/3 @Aoyama idol
Guest : evala

■ 2045 Generation #3
2015/8/1 @Aoyama idol
Guest DJ : Ichiro Yamaguchi(sakanaction)

■ 2045 Generation #4
2016/9/3-4 @Kyoto in the event “KYOTO OKAZAKI LOOPS

■ 2045 × LIFE PAINT Supported by VOLVO CAR JAPAN
2016/10/27 @Daikanyama UNIT
Guest : Zach Lieberman (Media Artist)


Nao Tokui / Daito Manabe