Sound Installation "SONIC PENDULUM" by Yuri Suzuki

SONIC PENDULUM (4 – 9 April 2017, on Corso Venezia 11, Milan) as part of Milan Design Week is a sound installation with YURI SUZUKI DESIGN STUDIO in which arti cial intelligence imagines and materialises an endless soundscape.

Whilst continuously generating a calming ambient-sound and bass-line atmosphere; the algorithm conducts the voice of Miyu Hosoi and processes disturbances around the space, generated by the crowd themselves. The result is in an ever-evolving piece – each moment singular, never to be repeated exactly again – in conversation with its visitors and the way in which they move around the space.

The structure is made up of 30 pendulums which – while gently modulating the sound coming from speakers through doppler effect – are also a visual representation of a dream: a systematised mess, with moments of order emerging from the chaos.

The installation is located inside a historical former seminary; its high walls carve it out of Milan as a zone of tranquility.
The generative soundtrack will be a marriage between lived human experience, and the perfection of arti cial intelligence. These re ned human modulations will create a relaxing environment so that visitors stay for longer, temporarily escaping the hubbub of the Salone in a meditative environment. The generated frequencies and sounds will allow the audience to enter into a meditative state, an experience the scholars in this space have been cultivating for hundreds of years.

photo credit #1,3 Audi©, #2 YuriSuzuki©


Yuri Suzuki
Deep learning / Sound Analysis
Nao Tokui
Sound engineer
Manabu Shimada
Multi channel sound system
Ray Kunimoto
Miyu Hosoi