10th anniversary, we renewed our website


In April 2019 Qosmo, Inc celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Under the new motto of “Cultivate the Chaos”, which we believe represents the philosophy underlying Qosmo’s activities, we renewed our website.

Our projects range from the purely artistic, such as audiovisual artworks and installations, to commercial projects like websites and R&D consulting. All projects are tied together by a common thread of augmenting the human process of creation with computations, thereby allowing us to exceed the previous limits of human creativity. We have been particularly focused on the applications of AI and machine learning, and are continuing to apply these techniques to creative projects both locally in Japan, as well as for clients and events worldwide.

When we think about AI, optimization and efficiency might be the first things that come to mind. But we think that embracing the notion of “Cultivate the Chaos” – the balance of predictability and improbability – allows us to extend our creative capabilities. The complex interplay that emerges when machine and human interact allows for entirely new creations.

At Qosmo we will continue to explore new possibilities of creative expression that exceed any preconceived expectations. We also look forward to work with external artists, and world-class partners, organizations and clients, sharing our expertise and inspiration, and pushing on into yet unexplored creative realms that will contribute to the advancement of art and society.


  • Concept Making, Information Design

    Hiroshi Obayashi(OVERKAST)

  • Editing

    Kanako Fukiage

  • Art Direction, Design

    Tomoki Tachibana(Shed)

  • Design

    Kotono Tsuruta(Shed)

  • Web Development

    Yuya Honda(Shed)

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