White paper “An Overview of AI Music Generation and its Potential” English edition released


Tokyo, Japan, July 15, 2022 – Qosmo, Inc., a company advancing the creativity of mankind with Art and Technology, releases a new white paper “An Overview of AI Music Generation and its Potential” summarizing the use of AI in the music field including its technological trends, its business applications, and its impact on society. The white paper is available as a free downloadable PDF from the Qosmo website at the link below. The 30-page report is a comprehensive review of AI in music written for a non-technical audience by the industry leading experts at Qosmo.

Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose of this Report
  2. Types of AI Music Generation Systems
  3. Application Areas and Business Potential
  4. Social Implications and Challenges of Music Generation Technology
  5. Development and Current Status of Music Generation Technology
    • Music generation before deep learning
    • AI (deep learning) development of music generation technology
    • Future research issues
  6. About the Author
  7. Recommended Information Sources
  8. References

Features of this white paper

Written for non-technical readers

This report is written for those who have no prior knowledge of music AI as an academic field or a business industry. In order to help understand this area of research, technological advances are discussed in order of chronicle significance and social impact, saving the readers time from going through research papers and latest news to catch up with the state of the art.

Audio and video samples

Sample audio and video is crucial to understanding each research topic. This white paper includes links to many relevant resources alongside the descriptions and discussions in the text.

Based on the expertise at Qosmo, Inc.

Qosmo has been at the forefront of AI music creativity through projects such as AI DJ, Neural Beatbox, and Imaginary Soundscape, many of which have been highly acclaimed at a global level. This report leverages the best and the latest knowledge of industry experts.

Special seminar by the authors

A special one-time online seminar will be held on Aug 3rd with the authors and editors of the white paper. This event is free to attend with prior registration at the link below. The speakers will present a summary of the report and answer any questions the audience may have.

About the speakers

Akira Shibata – COO, Qosmo, Inc.

Akira specializes in creating business value through the use of data and artificial intelligence, and has helped hundreds of companies in Japan and abroad. He served as Chief Data Scientist and CEO of DataRobot, Inc.

Christopher Mitcheltree – Machine Learning Engineer (Part-time), Qosmo, Inc. and PhD Student

Christopher is a researcher interested in the future of sound design and applying deep learning to audio production. Before coming to Japan as a MEXT scholar, Christopher worked on machine learning projects at a variety of different companies and institutions including: Airbnb, AI2, Google, and the University of Waterloo KIMIA Lab.

Ryosuke Nakajima – Programmer, Qosmo, Inc.

Graduated in 2020 from the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University (Ex-Design Program). He is interested in generative image production and the future of human creative activities, and engages in various activities such as production and research.

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