• 01 Imaginary Soundscape

    A web application where an AI searches for sounds matching the images selected by visitors. You can play around in two ways: with Street View, allowing you to walk freely around Google Maps, or by uploading your own image. Enjoy soundscapes as imagined and generated by deep learning models.

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    Imaginary Soundscape
  • 02 Neutone

    Neutone is a project built around an audio plugin that enables innovative musical expression by bringing the latest AI models, developed by AI researchers, into the hands of music/sound creators. This plugin works on top of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and is able to drive real-time Digital Signal Processing (DSP) models built using deep learning.
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  • 03 Yudemon

    Yudemon uses generative music and soundscapes, conditioned on real-time biometric data, to elevate happiness, performance, and overall well being. Yudemon improves upon existing practices and protocols in the areas of mindfulness and biofeedback, and also enables entirely new immersive and highly personalized experiences.
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  • 04 Neural Beatbox

    A website where the AI generates new rhythms using the sounds of voices and claps recorded with the user's webcam, as well as the sounds produced by tapping or shaking objects around you. The unpredictable beats generated by the AI may be a new source of inspiration. You can share the URL of the session page and ask other users to join the session and add their sounds.

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    Neural Beatbox
  • 05 Unsettled Music

    A series of web experiments dedicated to showcasing some of our creative research on music, graphics, and machine learning. Like a gallery, each work can have its own space, and explore themes around music and AI with a certain freedom. You can adjust the level of Unsettledness by using a slider on each work – the sounds and the visuals will adapt accordingly.

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    Unsettled Music

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