BGM Generation System Using AI



Qosmo has created an automatic music generation system for SHISEIDO Global Flagship Store in Ginza, opening in July 2020. 


The SHISEIDO global flagship store in Ginza is the first branded store for the SHISEIDO brand. As a brand that has been exploring the frontier of beauty through art and science, the shop aimed to integrate cutting edge technology in its BGM(background music) and to provide a comfortable sound environment for the customers to face their inner beauty. That’s how we got involved in this project. 

We collaborated closely with a music composer, Shuta Hasunuma, and selected organic timbre to harmonize with the shop’s interior design based on the motif of Japanese gardens. We trained an AI model to generate melodies and rhythm patterns based on his past compositions and songs newly composed explicitly for the project.

We worked hard to realize music, which sounds musically, but not too prominent – music blending into the natural soundscape of a Japanese garden. 


The BGM generation system consists of the following three parts: 

  • AI music generation engine Qosmo created. 
  • A rule-based Generative music engine (designed by invisi
  • Adaptive mixer mixing the two sound sources depending on the external information 

The system monitors the weather, the temperature in real-time, and uses them and the time of the day as external information. We tried to generate suitable music by integrating this external information. 


Shiseido Company, Limited


  • Composer / Music Supervisor

    Shuta Hasunuma

  • Technical Director

    Nao Tokui (Qosmo, Inc.), Yui Onodera (invisi Ltd.)

  • Engineer

    Yoshitaka Oishi (Signal compose Inc.), Yuichi Yogo, Takayuki Hamano(coton inc.), Takashi Miyamoto (coton inc.), Yota Morimoto(coton inc.)

  • Project Manager

    Hiroshi Yamato(Signal compose Inc.)

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